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At CampusUnderwriter® you’ll learn what a mortgage underwriter's job entails -- everything from A to Z. From important loan terminology, facets of the loan applications, how to read credit reports; red flaggin, 1008, the standard loan process and the more detailed mortgage loan process; we'll walk you through the steps involved in underwriting mortgage loans. 

Each course features fully “hands-on” case study reviews of sample loan files -- providing a solid foundation and understanding from which to begin a career as a mortgage underwriter. Each student who successfully completes our mortgage underwriting training class will also be awarded a Certificate of Completion. 

Course Goals

Our innovative online training platform has been strategically developed to provide cutting-edge programs to allow students the flexibility necessary to evolve with the changing and growing needs of the mortgage industry.

Course Materials

All course materials are provided by your instructor. Therefore, you are not required to purchase any course materials; nor, read any course materials outside of class.

NAMU® Approved

CampusUnderwriter® is the exclusive mortgage underwriting training provider for the National Association of Mortgage Underwriters® (NAMU®) and it considered the leading mortgage underwriting training school in the country.